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We are entering the month of April, which houses Holy Days and Seasons for all three of our faiths (Passover begins April 8, Holy Week begin with Pal Sunday April5 ending with Easter on April 12, and Ramadan begins April 24.)  During these times, we strengthen our faith and increase good deeds.  We agree on so many things, and one of them is the mandate to feed the hungry.  People in North Texas are hungry NOW as they await their government checks.


Therefore, we are asking every Daughters of Abraham participant to do the following:

  • Throughout April, after you have made a substantial grocery purchase, take your receipt out of the bag and make a donation of 10% or more of that amount to either the North Texas Food Bank or the Tarrant Area Food Bank.  If you live alone and don’t buy many groceries, make the donation of any amount.
  • As you are writing your check or donating at your computer, have someone photograph you as we may be able to use these photos or videos in a story about this project that WFAA (ABC) is working on for us. They LOVE this project, by the way!  We know this part rubs against our commitment to humility in charity for most of us.  However, this media story could expand our program to thousands of viewers, and, given the mandate for social distancing to keep us safe, it will be difficult for the television station to collect footage for the story any other way.
  • To donate to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, send checks to Tarrant Area Food Bank, 2600 Cullen Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107Designate “Daughters of Abraham” on the subject line and they will run a tally of donations for us so we can know the level of success of the program.  If you prefer to make your donations on line using your credit card, you will see the word DONATE on their website.  Just Google Tarrant  Area Food Bank
  • To donate to North Texas Food Bank, send checks to North Texas Food Bank, 3677 Maple Shade Lane, Plano, TX 75075.  Designate “Daughters of Abraham” on the subject line, and we will be able to see how much has been donated on their website.  As above, if you prefer o donate on line, just go to this link to reach their donation portal:  www.justgiving.com/ fundraising/DaughtersofAbraham   I apologize for this link having my name on it, but they required a name.
  • Pass it On!  If every “Daughter” will inform their own faith community about this project and ask them to participate, SO much can be accomplished.  

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The morning of March 19th “Christ in Our Home” Lydia Posselt’s, a pastor serving in Pennsylvania, devotion stated, “One of the amazing things about Joseph is that he listens to his faith rather than his fear and follows the command of God.” What a poignant and timely message! When our team met for a lunch meeting after services March 8th, we discussed the status of Outreach initiatives and ideas of future ones. The t-shirt design, prices, and introduction for member purchase were and are ready. Other items for use in increasing awareness of CTS and tools for ‘meeting and greeting’ are placed in the capable hands of professionals. T-shirt sales will start when we are sitting in the pews.


Thanks to all the fantastic volunteers who worked, and WORKED is the best description, on the Cumberland Children’s Home beautification. In addition to CTS members a group of men calling themselves the Honey Dudes worked with us. Most of the native wildflowers planted were chosen because those are known to attract butterflies, a request made by Cumberland from the beginning.


Meanwhile, along with routine things our team will be focusing on the opportunity of Lent, i.e. “Lent is for Spring Cleaning our Souls”.

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